How to find a good shower filter to improve health

Water is an integral part of our lives, and therefore, its cleanliness is crucial. Most of the world’s people have realized the cleanliness of water has a direct effect on their health and some of them apply water filtration in everyday life. Yes! That’s good, but people often forget that not only water to drink has to be filtered, bath water too!

The primary reason for a shower filter

I repeatedly reminded my family and friends: “You must install a good shower filter or you will have health problems!” To note, when the water comes out of our shower it brings some bad things. Chlorine has been used for not less than 100 years to whiten paper and is also widely used in the textile and pulp industries. The chemical compound is also used to remove bacteria, that’s how it enters our bath water! For your info, chlorine is a dangerous substance, and its derivatives were once used as the main ingredient of chemical weapons in World War II! Our bath water may contain chlorine which, if our skin is exposed for a long time, tuberculosis, emphysema, and tooth decay are not strange things.

If you think chlorine is the only danger, then you are wrong. Chloramine, such a carcinogenic element, formed from the reaction between chlorine and ammonia (ammonia that comes from sweat). We know that chlorine is a bacteria killer usually applied in the pool and also on some water supply. Scary enough right? Even if we do not use chlorine, bacteria and fungi replace its role to trouble us. A shower filter can prevent these harmful chemicals as well as bacteria and fungi. Now you understand why shower filters are so important to you.

How to find a good shower filter

How do you find the best shower filter? Let me tell you: Do your own research! You can search for as much information as you need since now is the Internet age. However, you will not read this article if you can’t take advantage of this. I will explain that understanding the types of shower filters is the first step in choosing.

Types of Shower Filters:

KDF filter: This is the cheapest version but is only suitable for use in places where chlorine is not the main element in the water supply. This type will wipe out any chlorine element in water, but once chloramines are formed, the KDF will not work well anymore.

Carbon filter: This type is also effective against chlorine but is “weak” in fighting against chloramines. Its effectiveness tends to decrease with the addition of bath water temperature, so this type is not very popular in four-season areas.

Vitamin C filter: This type is very effective for combating chlorine and chloramines all at once. Not only remove the harmful elements, but this type is also considered to provide benefits to the skin. The drawback may lie in the replacement of cartridges for a few months, which is quite natural.

So … what should you do?

* View the latest technological advances

Some of the latest shower filters can prevent over 200 contaminants and handle up to 2 gallons per minute.

* See the situation and conditions prevailing in your area

If you live in the tropics where chlorine is not popular, cheap KDF types may be an option.

* Compare prices on the market

You should look for the affordable ones without forgetting the quality.

* Prioritize the pH increase

Some products are able to increase the pH of the water output which will indirectly improve skin health.

After reading this article, I hope “How to find a Good shower filter to improve health’ is not a difficult question anymore. Thank you for reading this article.