All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

With the advancement that the cosmetic industry has made, we have nothing to lose or risk, just achieve. Lip fillers can help you achieve luscious lips, but before you go ahead and get one done, there are certain things that you need to know before heading to a licenced lip fillers Kent provider.

  • Results Are Not Permanent
  • Lip fillers can shape, structure and add volume to your thin lips, but results achieved are not permanent. Under the procedure, fats or collagen is injected into the lips to give them the desired shape.
  • Lip Fillers Are Relatively Cheaper Than Lip Implants
  • You can get lip fillers for half the price of implants. Where lip fillers cost $350, implants can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. You also need to consider the fact that results achieved from fillers are short-lived as compared to implants.
  • Fillers Are Painless
  • Most of the fillers contain lidocaine, a form of anesthesia that ensures you do not feel any pain during the treatment. Other than that, the latest cannulae technique used, which is needle without a sharp tip, will ensure the patient feels no pain and there is minimal bruising.
  • Fillers Does Not Add to the Plumpness of Your Face
  • Excessive application of the filler can lead to overinflated face. Whether you are getting fillers injected to erase signs of wrinkle, add volume to your thin lips or augment the size of your breasts, it is important not to overdo it.

Before making any decisions, do your homework on the practitioner and the filler. Do not take any hasty decisions based merely on price. You do not want to take any chances with your looks.

Lip fillers are done on those people who want to get plump and fuller lips. This treatment has become much more easy and safe. The dermatologists who offer these kinds of services inject dermal fillers into the lips and the surrounding areas of the patients’ mouth.

Apart from giving long lasting results, this treatment can enhance the beauty of a person to a great extent and that too in a safe manner. It can set right the structure and size of the lips. By opting for this treatment, one can have beautiful lips for six months minimum. However, to maintain that volume of the lip, he or she has to undergo the treatment repeatedly.

Despite the fact that the people who have tried this treatment and compared its pain to that of waxing, many still believe that it is a painful method. If the pain is keeping you away from the treatment, then you should try to find a clinic where the professionals are using lidocaine in the injections that work as an anesthetic before performing the treatment on the client.

Doctors now can easily control the lip’s volume by using the treatment effectively. As such, the pace of the treatment remains gradual, and this gives the clients the opportunity to get injections gradually for the expected outcome. The duration of each session is not long as the process is not at all difficult to perform. Though the method doesn’t create any side-effect, yet if you experience any, contact your dermatologist without delay.