Pest Control – What To Do Before A Bed Bug Treatment

pest control prices karrabinThe best and most effective to get rid of bed bugs right away is to contact a pest control expert right away since time is of the essence when it comes to this bug. Bed bugs are really difficult to remove and simply washing your infested bedding will not do the trick. However, you can prepare the infested area and eradicate a couple of these pests by simply doing the following:

Laundry your bedding. If you find that your mattress and bedding have dark reddish spots or smears and find moulted skins, it may be a sign that your bed is already infested with bed bugs. If this is the case, remove your bedding right away and wash it at a temperature of at least 120 degrees. The hot water setting of your washing machine can help you kill most of those bugs out.

Vacuum and seal. You will also need to vacuum the mattress, the bed frame, under the bed, along the baseboards, and even the headboards. Be very thorough and do not ignore the cracks and crevices you find since bed bugs can easily live there. Dispose of the vacuum bag once done outside the trash receptacle. Once done, wrap the mattress and even the box spring in a specially made bed bug encasements. Any living bug that is still within the mattress will die over time.

Contact your pest control specialist. The tips given above may just be a temporary solution as these insects are prolific breeders that are difficult to eliminate. So, if you have bed bugs, contact a pest control specialist as they have a customized solution to get rid of these pests once and for all.